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Are you in Gauteng and looking for an original team building activity that isn’t the same old laser tag or go kart racing that Kobus from HR keeps recommending?

Well this is where your Google search stops! Axe throwing is South Africa’s latest phenomenon and at Axe-Static we specialize in giving you the ultimate axe-perience, that’s right, you aren’t just coming to throw axes, we can guarantee you a heck of a whole lot more than just that and it’s currently a well-kept secret, the only way you’ll ever find out is if you make a booking with us NOW!!!

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Are You Ready To Discover The Viking In You?

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We cater for all types of events from bachelor/bachelorette party, as well as birthday parties and even baby showers if you happen to be a Spartan and you want to get your toddler learning how to use a weapon before they can use a crayon (just kidding!). From this paragraph alone you can probably tell already that Axe-Static is a place to have a laugh, learn a new skill and get everyone at the workplace to hate you after you beat their asses at tossing axes! Whether you live in Pretoria, Centurion or Midrand you are still close enough to pay us a visit and indulge in what will soon be the most fun thing to do in Johannesburg! Book now, you know you want to.

Looking for a mobile axe-throwing option?

Check at our sister-company Weapons on Wheels.

WOW is a full mobile projectile party solution that specialises in providing a unique weapons experience that will leave you with enough pics to post on your Instagram for weeks to come. From axe throwing, ninja stars, knife throwing and crossbow shooting if you have a fetish for projectiles you’ve come to the right place.


We offer packages for companies that are planning a team building exercise, or groups that are planning any kind of party, all you have to do is make sure you hire a venue that is cleared for our kind of activities. If you do not know of such a venue, do not worry, as we have a comprehensive list of venues that are open to projectile partying. 

We also host a different pop-up event, ideal for couples or smaller groups of people who aren’t hosting an event any time soon. One way or the other, we will bring the fun and danger to you!


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